The key to understanding lies in the ability to observe.

Jason is an observer. His attention is drawn by the details, the subtext. Where most see only the bigger picture, Jason is interested in its construction, its nuances and subtleties. For as we know the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Recording an event is not the same as observing one. This deconstructed viewpoint has allowed him to seduce his audiences with imagery and stories beyond the formulaic.

Jason started his filmic journey with a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising. This was followed by a four-month trip to Hawaii that lasted 8 years and encompassed the globe.

It was during his travels that Jason wanted to discover a way to hold on to the detail he was exposed to. He wanted to be able to reflect on his surroundings, the culture, the juxtaposition of scenery, the whimsical seasons and currents that shift us. He found that behind the camera, using the lens to observe detail, he could capture the essence of a moment and at least hold its reflection.

Originally from Cape Town South Africa but now living in London, still filled with wanderlust, he works as a Director of Photography both on land and in the water.

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